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Allah swt’s presence

 Allah swt's presence

He is the One the only One Allah swt’s presence
He knows what you think
He knows when you wink

He knows when you write
He knows when you take a bite or backbite

He knows each word you type and mean
He knows each word you speak and dream

He knows every whisper and every poke
He knows every murmur and frown u make

He knows the fake smile and when you are sly
He is aware of the sorrow and every tear you cry

He knows the growing pride within
He knows the the seeker of fame hidden

He knows when the tears are for His pleasure
He knows when they are for dreams and leisure

He knows your faith and aspirations
He knows the humble and meek whose Jannah is destination

He is the All knowing the Al Aleem
He is the All aware the Al Khabeer
The As Sami the Al Baseer
The All hearing and All seeing

So never forget we are not been watched on
And pray that we learn to know the one who Knows us

8 General Tips for a Muslim Wedding

Tips for a Muslim Wedding
1.     Invite the poor
According to one Hadith, the worst meal is the feast of a Walima in which rich people are invited and poor people are left out.
Don’t let your Walima be a class-based affair. Make sure that all guests are welcome, regardless of their economic situation.
 2. Invite a multiethnic audience
Make your wedding party more representative of the Ummah (the worldwide Muslim community) by inviting Muslims of different ethnic backgrounds, whether it’s the local Imam and his family who are Turkish, the African-American Muslima who accepted Islam recently .
 3.Practice gender privacy at your wedding
This means providing women-only space where sisters who observe different levels and types of Hijab feel comfortable.
Most sisters like to dress up for a wedding, but they want to enjoy themselves without being watched by strange men. Also remember that your other guests have nothing to lose with this kind of set up so in the end, providing for women-only space works out for the best for everyone.
 4. Set up hospitality line
This is a line of hosts who will welcome guests when they arrive at the wedding.
Those who will be included in the hospitality line need to be told in advance that they will be part of it. They should not be told once they reach the hall for the wedding.
 5. Have the hosts make rounds during dinner
When guests are digging into dinner, hosts should go around, making sure everyone has what they need and inviting those who are finished to take more.
 6. Set the stage
It should be decided by the hall committee who will sit on stage at the wedding and exactly where. This has to be done carefully. The feelings of relatives and close family friends are important to consider when making decisions about this.
 7. Make sure to set up a gift table
Where are you going to put all those goodies? Set up a specific gift table near the stage with a sign saying “Please put gifts here. Thank you.”
 8. Mind the bathroom
Take into account how many guests are coming and see if the washrooms at the hall are big enough. If it’s a large gathering, request hall administrators to have a cleaning person come in every half hour or so to clean up quickly in between.
Also, if one of the prayers occurs during the wedding, that means the washrooms will be used for Wudu (ablution before prayer). Ask the hall administrators to accommodate this by providing extra paper towels.

Hour of Accepted Dua on Jumuah

Rasulullah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said:
“There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslim makes dua in it, his dua will definitely be accepted. ”
[Bukhari, Muslim]

The ulama have differed in specifying that hour which has been mentioned in the Hadith. Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlawi rahmatullahialayh has mentioned 40 different opinions in his book Sharh Sifrus Sa’aadah. However, from among all these opinions he has given preference to two opinions:
(1) That time is from the commencement of the khutbah till the end of the salaat,
(2) That time is towards the end of the day.

A big group of ulama have given preference to this second opinion and there are many Ahadith which support this opinion. Shaykh Dehlawi rahmatullahialayh says that this narration is correct that Hadrat Fatimah radiallahuanha used to order her maid on Fridays to inform her when the day is about to end so that she could occupy herself in making zikr and duas. (Ash’atulLama’aat)
by Ahmed

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